Built inHigh PowerWx ChannelClass FDAmplifier

Built-in High-Power 100 W x 4-Channel Class-FD Amplifier

Enjoy more powerful sound than a conventional receiver with built-in amplifier can deliver. The new Pioneer DEH-X4850FD and MVH-X285FD each incorporate a 100 W x 4-channel Class-FD amplifier; require no outer amplifier box, for simple in-dash installation; and have circuitry exclusively designed to maintain exceptional audio quality.

Stable Power Output

For supremely stable output and sound quality, Pioneer’s advanced amplifier technology built into these models controls input by monitoring current level output. The amplifier section is designed to prevent shutdown, ensuring consistent delivery of power regardless of the car battery’s charge.

Dedicated Circuitry Designed to Dissipate Heat

For superior sound, exclusive circuitry is designed with heatdissipating internal heatsink and cooling sheet between the printed circuit board and chassis.

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