• How do I activate AUX on my car stereo?

How do I activate AUX on my car stereo?

For most of our car stereos, the AUX is activated by pushing the ‘Source’ button until ‘AUX’ appears on the display and activating it by pushing down the cursor key.

Here are some specific instructions:

  • DEH-P4800MP : Switch off the radio. Push the source button for about 3 seconds. FM 100 appears. Push the function key until AUX 1 appears. Push cross-key up to activate the AUX function.
  • DEH-P75BT, DEH-P70BT : Switch off the radio. Press the cursor button 2-3 seconds and turn it until you read AUX ON/OFF. Press the cursor button to change the AUX status.
  • DEH-30MP : Switch off the device via the SRC button and press it again for 2-3 seconds to activate. Press the function button (on the left) until you read ‘AUX on/off’. Now push the upper cursor button to change the AUX status. Finally press the SRC button.
  • DEH-P55BT : Switch the device off via SRC button. Press the Function button in the middle below. When the info is displayed, press function again until you read ‘AUX1 on/off’ or AUX2 on/off’. Move the jog navi-button up or down to enable or disable the AUX function and press the Function key to validate.
  • DEH-P77MP : Switch off the device and activate it again via the SRC-button. Press function repeatedly until AUX is displayed. Press the rotary encoder to turn AUX on or off.
  • DEH-P88RS : Press SOURCE and hold until the unit turns off. Press MULTI-CONTROL and hold until LANGUAGE SELECT appears in the display. Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select one of the initial settings. Turn MULTI-CONTROL clockwise to select the function: AUX1 (auxiliary input 1) AUX2 (auxiliary input 2) Press MULTI-CONTROL to turn AUX1/AUX2 on. ON appears in the display. To turn AUX off, press MULTI-CONTROL again.
  • DEH-P3500MP : Turn off the power, push the function key for about 5 seconds. FM-100 appears on the screen. Push the function key several times until AUX is displayed. Activate by the cross keys. You can leave the AUX menu by pressing the Source button again.
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