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Technologies and Innovations

MP3/WMA Playback

Supports MP3/WMA Audio files playback via USB, CD or DVD.

Android Quick Charge

Pioneer‘s AV receiver has a charging downstream port (CDP) providing up to 1.5A to give an Android smartphone a quick charge.

3 Way Network Mode

In addition to a conventional front/rear 4-speaker system, you can build a 3-way multi-amplifier/multi- speaker system and switch between the configurations using Network Mode. Adjust sound in precise detail by optimizing each speaker’s output so that the systems sound harmonious, natural and undistorted.


Pioneer Sound Tune

Pioneer’s Sound Tune app is a great way to bring the sound of high-end audio to a basic factory car stereo and speaker set. All operations are performed easily through a smartphone and a wide range of settings are accessible.

31-Band Graphic EQ

The 13-Band Equalizer allows detailed adjustments to acoustic settings. Various EQ presets ensure that users with only basic acoustic knowledge can learn and enjoy the advantages of using an EQ.




Z-Series and D-Series Speakers

Z-Series and D-Series Speakers

Pioneer automotive loudspeakers are engineered to meet many goals, but one above all: to reproduce music with the realism of the recorded performance through an uncompromising pursuit of maximum sound quality, and by taking full advantage of unique concepts and proprietary advanced technology. Sound is much more than just data, music also inspires every one of us and is indeed something most of us cannot live without. Pioneer is passionate about music and passionate about sound, this passion is exhibited in each product we create. Don’t just listen to your music; hear more with Pioneer.

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