• History


  • 2007: Introduces “KURO” plasma TV, offering stunning black reproduction.
    Sharp and Pioneer enter into a business and capital alliance agreement.
  • 2006: Introduces PDP-5000EX, the world’s first 50-inch 1080p plasma display.
  • 2004: Introduces the world’s first DVD player for professional DJs and VJs.
  • 2003: Total shipment worldwide of PC-use recordable DVD drives surpasses 5 million units.
  • 2002: Introduces GPS car navigation system with a wireless communication module.
    Introduces a DVD recorder with hard disc drive.
  • 2001: Reviews 2005 Vision to reorganize it as the Pioneer Group Vision.
  • 2000: Shares of Tohoku Pioneer are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
  • 1999: Introduces the world’s first DVD recorder compatible with the DVD-RW format. Supplies digital CATV STBs to Time Warner Cable in the U.S.
  • 1998: Announces 2005 Vision with new CI. Introduces the world’s first DVD car navigation system featuring 8.5GB dual-layered DVD disc.
  • 1997: Introduces world’s first DVD car navigation systems, world’s first OEL-equipped car audio product, world’s first DVD-R drive, world’s first high-definition 50-inch plasma display for consumer use. Supplies digital DBS IRDs to CANAL+ in France.
  • 1996: Introduces DVD/CD player and the world’s first DVD/LD/CD compatible player for home use. Tokorozawa Plant earns ISO 14001 certifications.
  • 1995: Debut of the first GM/Chrysler-sized aftermarket CD headunits. Introduction of the first home stereo receiver with Dolby Digital.
  • 1992: Introduces the world’s first 4x CD-ROM changer.
  • 1990: Introduces the world’s first GPS car navigation system.
  • 1989: Introduction of Detachable Face Security system, providing car stereo owners with added protection against theft.
  • 1987: Introduction of the car electronics’ industry’s first 3-source DIN head unit with tape deck, CD player and radio tuner. Introduction of the first multi-play CD “magazine format” for the car.
  • 1986: Introduction of the first stereo receiver for the home incorporating Dolby Surround sound.
  • 1985: Introduces the 40-inch projection monitor.
    Introduction of the first multi-play CD “magazine format” for the home.
  • 1984: Introduces the world’s first LD combination player compatible with CDs and LDs, and releases the world’s first car CD player.
  • 1982: Introduces the LD Karaoke system for business use. Introduces CD player.
  • 1981: Introduces LD player for home use and 70 titles of LD software in Japan.
  • 1980: Introduces LD player for home use, the VP-1000, in the U.S.
  • 1979: Introduces the industry-use LD player.
  • 1977: Introduces the world’s first two-way addressable CATV system in the U.S. (with Warner Cable).
  • 1976: Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (delisted in January 2006).
    Introduction of the Supertuner, a high-sensitivity tuner for the car stereo. This marked the first time a car audio tuner offered the same high quality sound that was found in a home audio tuner.
  • 1975: Introduces the world’s first component car stereo.
  • 1969: Shares are listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (now Euronext Amsterdam. Delisted in January 2006). Starts U.S. GAAP consolidated financial reporting.
  • 1967: Shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section and the Osaka Securities Exchange (delisted on the Osaka Securities Exchange in January 2006).
  • 1966: Establishes sales companies in Europe and the U.S.
  • 1962: Introduces the world’s first separate stereo system.
  • 1961: Changes the name to Pioneer Electronic Corporation (now Pioneer Corporation) and shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
  • 1953: Introduces PE-8.
  • 1947: Incorporated as Fukuin Denki.
  • 1938: Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho (predecessor of Pioneer) is established in Tokyo.
  • 1937: Pioneer’s founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, successfully develops the A-8 dynamic speaker.
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