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Технологии и инновации


Using the Pioneer CarAVAssist app, users can customize the display on their compatible multimedia receiver. Users can customize their home screen layout, background pictures, set their favourite sports teams for real-time information updates, set smartphone notifications, browser favourites as well as access firmware updates.

(English) Wi-Fi Connection

With built in Wi-Fi, you can use Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto wireless — the best means of operating a smartphone through a car entertainment system — without connection cable, for greater freedom from clutter and complication.

Web Browser

Access the internet using your Pioneer headunit. Gain a wealth of information at the touch of your fingertips.

Hi-Res Audio Compatible

Fully reproduces high-resolution sound source data, realizing the super-realistic sound that Pioneer strives to achieve.


The WebLink app expands Pioneer in-car entertainment with an amazing world of apps. Enjoy personalised music, videos, and other connected content powered by your phone and the cloud.

(English) Master Sound Reviver

Original Pioneer technology effectively removes the quantization noise that occurs in the audible band when playing CD or other compressed audio sources. Together with Pioneer’s unique harmonic generation technology, which faithfully restores the music signal above the audible band lost during CD master recording, the resulting sound information is comparable to a high-resolution sound source.