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Technologies and Innovations

Pioneer flac Technology

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

New Pioneer AV receiver supports dramatically superior car audio experiences with amazingly brilliant reproduction of sound by FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec) files that are 50-60% smaller than WAV files, yet retain the integrity of original sound sources. Characterized by 48KHz sampling frequency and 24-bit bitrate, the sound quality of FLAC file playback exceeds even that of CD playback.


Auto EQ

Auto EQ uses a microphone to monitor and analyse the vehicle acoustics, then automatically fine-tunes all frequencies and also applies digital parametric equalization to the front and rear speakers producing a smoother sounding musical experience.


Pioneer TV Tuner Accessory

GEX-1550DTV and GEX-1550TV tuner can be operated via receiver touch panel dispalys.


iPod/iPhone Compatibility

Pioneer Receivers are compatible with iPod and iPhone with OS 8.0 & higher.


Color Customization

Match the display and key illumination to your vehicle’s interior lighting. Over 210,000 colors are available to match the illumination in any car. The key illumination and display illumination colors can be customized separately for an endless number of color combinations.



MIXTRAX is an innovative technology that creates a Non-Stop MIX with a range of DJ effects. It keeps car entertainment flowing smoothly so you can experience listening to music that sounds like a club DJ was playing it.