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Dual Camera

Pioneer dual camera Technology

Safety first! The AVH-X8750BT features dual camera inputs, giving you the option to connect two optional reverse cameras or one reverse camera and another camera at the front of your vehicle.

Dual Zone Audio/Video

Pioneer dual zone audio video Technology

Dual Zone feature allows rear seat passenger to enjoy audio or video content on additional rear seat monitors and headphones, even while the front passenger and driver listen to audio from other sources.

Dual USB Ports

Pioneer Dual USB Technology

More connectivity adds more convenience and utility. For example, you can listen to music from a USB device while charging your smartphone.

Detachable Face Security

Pioneer Detachable Face Security Technology

The extra thin face panel of the Receiver is easy to remove and carry out of the car to deter theft.

HDMI Connectivity

Pioneer HDMI Technology

HDMI technology transmits crystal clear digital video, multi-channel surround audio and advanced control data through a single cable. Connect your Smartphone and play your favourite music or movie from the AVH-X8750BT via Specialized Cables (CD-AH200/CD-IH202).


Pioneer mixtrax Technology

Enjoy your beats in an automatic non-stop mix or prepare mixes with the software or app. Mixtrax creates non-stop mixes of your tunes so you can hear your music a whole new way. It breathes new life into the music you already know well and makes the time you spend listening to music even more special. The experience that will change the way you listen to music begins here.

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