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Color Customization

Pioneer Multi Color Customization Technology

Match the display and key illumination to your vehicle’s interior lighting. Over 210,000 colors are available to match the illumination in any car. The key illumination and display illumination colors can be customized separately for an endless number of color combinations.

iPod/iPhone Compatibility

Pioneer made for iphone ipod Technology

Pioneer Receivers are compatible with iPod and iPhone with OS 8.0 & higher.

Smartphone Compatible

Pioneer smartphone compatible Technology

The new range of Pioneer Receivers are compatible with a wide range of Android Smartphones with OS 4.1 and higher.

Siri eyes free Compatible

Pioneer siri eyes free Technology

Smart voice control lets users access various iphone functions to select music, make calls from a contact list etc without taking their eyes off the road.

Wired Remote input

Pioneer wired remote input Technology

You can now assign certain functions of the receiver to control buttons on the steering wheel. User can use original steering wheel controller of vehicle. They can easily set up by choosing Car Brand name in HU’S setting.

Multi-Language Display

Pioneer multi language display Technology

New Pioneer Multimedia AV receiver features Multi-Language Display of Menu and ID3 tag text.

Android Auto DemoApple Car Play
Android Auto Demo Apple Car Play