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Technologies and Innovations

Auto Time Alignment

Auto Time Alignment

Time Alignment automatically estimates the delay from each speaker to driver’s position and adjusts speaker output timing, so that sound from all speakers reaches the driver’s ears in perfect sync.

Touch Slide Crossover Setting

Touch slide Crossover setting

It’s intuitively easy to operate and set system tuning by dragging and tapping your finger.

13-Band Graphic EQ

13-Band Graphic EQ

With the unique Advanced Touch Slide Operation, you simply drag your finger across the screen to change the EQ curve and audio characteristics. 13-band EQ adjustment allows you to fine-tune sound quality just as you like it.

High-Grade Audio Parts

Pioneer specialized audio part Technology

Pioneer’s new audio capacitors for AV receivers clearly detail and localize sound characteristics and clean up extraneous noise, for more lasting listening pleasure.

TS-G Series: Wide Application


TS-R Series: High Sensitivity

Pioneer high sensitivity Technology

Android Auto Demo Apple Car Play
Android Auto Demo Apple Car Play