Pioneer launches ground-breaking HVT subwoofer

Pioneer Electronics, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today unveils the world’s firstpatented Horizontal-Vertical Transforming (HVT) subwoofer outside Japan, TS-WH500A. The unique HVT technology, modeled after the Scott Russell linkage concept was first developed by Pioneer, who created the TS-WH500A to achieve top-notch rich bass reproduction in the thinnest form ever found in the market.

“As the inventor of the cutting edge HVT technology, we are proud to introduce the world’s first patented HVT subwoofer outside Japan, which drastically reduced the thickness and unwanted vibrations compared with conventional subwoofers,” said Mr. Muralidhar Masala, General Manager, Product Planning & Marketing Department, Pioneer Gulf FZE. “The HVT subwoofer represents Pioneer’s enduring commitment in creating innovative products to enhance our customers’ audio experience in the car. Drivers can now enjoy a whole new level of the bass soundwith significantly lower distortion and greater low frequency precision in a much sleeker form factor.”


TheTS-WH500A adopts thepatented HVT mechanism already applied in Pioneer’s Sound Wing loudspeakers -a Scott-Russelllinkage inside the subwoofer unit, whichtransforms horizontal movement of the voice coil into vertical movement of the diaphragm, thereby dramatically reducing subwoofer height as well as unwanted vibration, while achieving quality sound delivery through a sleek and slim designThis new linkage mechanism is the key feature that powers theTS-WH500A’s ability to outperform conventional subwoofers by heightening bass sound quality while spotting amuch slimmer design, an outstanding breakthrough in which Pioneer is the first to achieve.

TS-WH500A, the patented HVT subwoofer,leverages on the HVT linkage mechanism which:

  • Dramatically Reduced Thickness – The unique placement of the voice coil and super flat diaphragm effectively reducedthe thickness of the subwoofer.
  • Elimination ofUnwanted Vibration–Unlike conventional structures where the diaphragm and voice coil moves in the same direction, these two components are designed to move opposite from one another in the new TS-WH500A. This improvement greatly minimizedthe excess force usually encountered withintraditional subwoofer units, which areoften the cause ofundesirablenoisesat the bottom cabinet or ‘floor noise’. With HVT technology, these unwanted vibrations are almost non-existent in theTS-WH500A.
  • Richer Bass Reproduction –Despite its small enclosure, the TS-WH500A is better equipped to produce ultra-low frequency and a wider range than other conventional models. The HVT linkage mechanism allows the subwooferto perform soft suspensions by easing the limitation of movement of the spider and/or voice coil, preventing further acoustic distortion in order to achieve superior acoustic response with clearer bass.
  • Flexible Installation – With the TS-WH500A’s dimensions at 60mm (height), 250mm (width) and 340mm (length), more car owners have the option to install the HVT subwooferunder their vehicle’s seatswith its uncommonly compact and slim design.

Pioneer HVT subwoofers will be available at Pioneer authorised dealers from late November 2014.
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